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Selection of COES-FURS Postdoctoral Researcher

In the beginning of this year the Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies (COES) and the Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS) opened their call to fund a postdoctoral researcher for the academic year 2016.

After an intensive procedure of selection, Jessica Pineda Zumaran, PhD in Planning and Management of urban environment of the University of Manchester, was selected. She will start her postdoctoral research in August 2016, once finished her current postdoctoral investigation at University Keio in Tokio.

Here a short interview with the selected researcher:

Which project will you develop during your postdoc COES-FURS?
Basically, the research project I will work on at COES, is the continuation of my doctoral and postdoctoral research which deals with interrelations between urban politics, planning systems, the professional implementation and the urban quality of constructed ambiances. In COES, I am going to analyze the influence of politics in provision of infrastructural roads in informal ex-quarters and in urban renovation of historical centers to construct public spaces.
This research, intents specifically to show which role the regulation of zonation, the norms of construction and the design of urban-architecture takes in the quality of the named public spaces.
The case study will be the city
Arequipa (Perú).

What did motivate you to apply at COES?
There were various motivations for my application. Primarily, it was the opportunity to go on with urban and planning research from cities, especially of cities in Latin America. This specialization is unique in the international academic ambiance. Then, to get the possibility to work together with researchers from prestigious universities of Chile, with whom I not only will be able to exchange and discuss the results and conclusions of my work, but also to obtain a Latin-American perspective on urban subjects.
Finally, the fact that this postdoc supports the dissemination of this research with publications in science journals and academic conferences. This is a another specialty which you don’t find in other postdoctoral programs

We know that you are in Tokio at the moment, what are you doing there?
At the moment, I am a postdoctoral research funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. I am working together with the Investigation Laboratory Radovic Co+labo and the University of the United Nations. My current research is dealing with the analysis of connections between the politics of housing and the construction of public spaces on urban micro-scales (quarters and roads) in Peruvian cities.


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