The Relationship between Trade Unions and Innovation in Chile


Journal of Technology Management & Innovation
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Otros Autores: Goretti Cabaleiro

This article examines how and to what extent unions affect companies' innovation in Chile. It contributes to the existing literature in the following two aspects: First, because it widens the scope of analysis focusing in a developing country that is characterized by some specificities regarding the innovation as well the union landscape. Second, because this paper takes into account the effect of unions in the different types of innovation proposed in the Oslo Manual by OECD. Results show that unions do not affect product and process innovation while influence to organizational innovation and marketing in a non-linear way.

Como citar: Cabaleiro, G., & Gutiérrez, F. (2019). The Relationship between Trade Unions and Innovation in Chile. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 14(4), 17-30. Retrieved from