The Left and the Mobilization of Class Voting in Latin America
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Michigan University Press
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In this volume, experts on Latin American public opinion and political behavior employ region-wide public opinion studies, elite surveys, experiments, and advanced statistical methods to reach several key conclusions about voting behavior in the region’s emerging democracies. In Latin America, to varying degrees the average voter grounds his or her decision in factors identified in classic models of voter choice. Individuals are motivated to go to the polls and select elected officials on the basis of class, religion, gender, ethnicity and other demographic factors; substantive political connections including partisanship, left-right stances, and policy preferences; and politician performance in areas like the economy, corruption, and crime.

Como citar: Mainwaring, S.; Torcal, M.; Somma, N. (2015). The Left and the Mobilization of Class Voting in Latin America. En R. Carlin, M. Singer, E. Zechmeister (Eds.), The Latin American Voter (pp. 69-97). Estados Unidos: Michigan University Press.
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