Public regulations and ground rent exploitation: the real estate boom in Ñuñoa , Santiago, 2000-2010
Revista Economía, Sociedad y Territorio
Otros Autores: Meza-Corvalán, D.

This paper presents an analysis of the urban renewal process of the Irarrázaval poniente area, in the Ñuñoa municipality, Santiago, Chile, which during the past decade witnessed an intensive market-led real estate housing production, aimed at middle-upper income strata. Results show the active role played by state-led neoliberal policies, deployed at local-level, which aim to define the highest land use to be exclusively exploited by real estate firms. It is also shown the increasingly differential ground rent levels either captured by realtors and owner-residents, which means gentrification for a smaller number of residents.

Como citar: López, E. & Meza-Corvalán, D. (2015). Regulaciones públicas y explotación de renta de suelo: el boom inmobiliario de Ñuñoa, Santiago, 2000-2010. Revista Economía, Sociedad y Territorio, 15(48), 301-332.
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