Political trust in Latin America


Edward Elgar Publishing
Otros Editores: Sonja Zmerli, Van der Meer

(Disponible solo en inglés:) This chapter explores how political trust has evolved among Latin American countries between 1996 and 2011. We probe how much political trust there is in Latin America, whether it has increased or decreased across time, and try to understand variations looking at both individual and contextual (i.e., country-level) factors. Latin America is an interesting setting for studying political trust for three reasons. First, Latin America has lower levels of political trust than other regions of the world (Catterberg and Moreno, 2006; Mainwaring, 2006; Segovia, 2008). For instance, Segovia (2008) shows that average levels of trust in parliament and the civil service in Latin America are significantly and substantially lower than in industrialized European countries. Latin America thus provides regional variation in a topic that has been most intensely studied within the more industrialized countries.

Como citar: Castillo, J. C., Bargsted, M., & Somma, N.  (2017). Political trust in Latin America. En S. Zmerli & T. Van der Meer (Eds.), Handbook of Political Trust (pp. 395-417). Northampton, Estados Unidos: Edward Elgar Publishing