Policy regimes, Inequality, Poverty and Growth: The Chilean Experience, 1973-2010


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Otros Autores: R. Ffrench-Davis

The book aims to document and explain the sizeable decline of income inequality that has taken place in Latin America during the 2000s.

It does so through an exploration of inequality changes in six representative countries, and ten policy chapters dealing with macroeconomics, foreign trade, taxation, labour market, human capital formation, and social assistance, which point to the emergence of a 'new policy model'.

The book addresses a major issue in economic development with profound implications for many developing regions and those OECD countries mired in a long-lasting financial crisis and economic stagnation.

Como citar: Contreras, D.; Ffrench-Davis, R. (2014). Policy Regimes, Inequality, Poverty and Growth: The Chilean Experience, 1973 - 2010. In: Cornia, G. (ed.) Falling Inequality in Latin America. UNU-WIDER.