Markets, market dynamics and market creation in Latin America


Economic Sociology: The European Electronic Newsletter
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Otros Autores: Felipe González

Our first issue devoted to economic sociology in Latin America was dedicated to three relevant and interrelated topics among economic sociologists and anthropologists in the region: money, finance, and debt. As an introduction, we asked ourselves whether we can talk of a Latin American economic sociology. The current volume is a continuation of this search but follows a different strategy and has a different locus. It aims at capturing a diversity of approaches and subjects through which social scientists in Latin America have sought to grasp the social life of the economy: markets. Markets are without doubt one of the key economic phenomena to study from a sociological point of view, and are certainly an area which economic sociology has developed into one of its strengths. Economic sociologists have typically studied the diverse social processes that constitute markets and help to create market dynamics and devices, such as institutions, competition, coordination, fields, and valuation (Helgesson and Muniesa 2013, Beckert 2010). Economic sociologists have also been interested in the art of crafting markets and the actors involved, particularly economists and the way they have imagined the operation of free markets and attempted to create them (MacKenzie and Millo 2008, Çal??kan and Callon 2009).

Como citar: Gonzalez, F., Madariaga, A. (2019). Markets, market dynamics and market creation in Latin America. Economic Sociology: The European Electronic Newsletter.