Malaise in Representation: Attitudes, Beliefs, Behaviors, and Causalities


Palgrave McMillan, United States
Otros Autores: Claudio Fuentes
Otros Editores: Claudio Fuentes

This edited volume examines malaise with democracy within three middle-income Latin American countries - Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. In particular, the book focuses on the gap within public opinion on democratic system within the context of crisis of representation and breakdowns of democracy. Based on a study using comparative and systematic survey data, the contributors of this volume provide a solid analysis on the state of democracy in three Latin American countries, whose lessons are useful for all types of democracy, in the north and the south.

Como citar: Joignant, A.; Morales, M.; Fuentes, C. (2016). Malaise in Representation: Attitudes, Beliefs, Behaviors and Causalities. En A. Joignant, M. Morales, C. Fuentes (Eds.), Malaise in Representation in Latin American Countries (pp. 1-43). Palgrave Macmillan US.