It Is Not Just Mortality: A Call From Chile for Comprehensive COVID-19 Policy Responses Among Older People


The Journals of Gerontology: Series B
Autores COES:
Otros Autores: Villalobos, P.; Browne, J.

Objective: Provide a synthesis of the COVID-19 policies targeting older people in Chile, stressing their short- and long-term challenges.
Method: Critical analysis of the current legal and policy measures, based on national-level data and international experiences.
Results: Although several policies have been enacted to protect older people from COVID-19, these measures could have important unintended negative consequences in this group’s mental and physical health, as well as financial aspects. Discussion: A wider perspective is needed to include a broader definition of health—considering financial scarcity, access to health services, mental health issues, and long-term care—in the policy responses to COVID-19 targeted to older people in Chile.

Como citar: Villalobos Dintrans, P., Browne Salas, J., & Madero-Cabib, I. (2020). It's not just mortality: A call from Chile for comprehensive COVID-19 policy responses among older people. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B.