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Finding academic jobs in stratified countries


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In the same way that the South African government seeks to participate actively in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Chile has sought to increase its scientific and technological capacity to participate in the so-called knowledge economy since the middle of 2000 (CNIC 2006, 2007, 2008). To achieve this goal, one of the strategies of the Chilean government was to increase the number of postgraduate fellowships exponentially. Within the period of 2008-2018, the government awarded 10 000 doctoral fellowships to fund doctoral degrees in Chilean and foreign universities (CONICYT 2018).

Como citar: Chiappa, R. (2021). FINDING ACADEMIC JOBS IN STRATIFIED COUNTRIES: THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL CLASS OF ORIGIN IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF ACADEMIC NETWORKS FOR CHILEAN PHDS. In P. RULE, E. BITZER, & L. FRICK (Eds.), The Global Scholar: Implications for postgraduate studies and supervision (1st ed., Vol. 15, pp. 189–213). African Sun Media.