Encuentros y desencuentros: Balance del estado de la práctica democrática en América Latina


REVISTA USP (Dossiê democracia na América Latina)
Autores COES:

Despite the positive fact that democracy is the only legitimate method for the exercise of power throughtout almost the whole of Latin America, the quality of democracy in the region leaves much to be desired. Among other challenges we can highlight the persistence in many countries of serious human right abuses (perpetrated by the police and other armed agencies), the existence of rampant corruption and the inability to reduce social and economical inequalities (besides the achievements concerning poverty reduction). If such scenario persists, those troubles may jeopardize the impressive democratic advances from the past decades.

Como citar: Couso, J. (2016). Encontros e desencontros: balanço do estado da prática democrática na América Latina. Dossiê democracia na América Latina, Jornal USP; 109, 67-74.