Economic sociology, political economy and Latin American capitalism. Quo vadis?


Economic Sociology: The European Electronic Newsletter
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Otros Autores: González, Felipe

In this third issue, we hope to come full circle in our elusive quest for Latin America’s economic sociology. Elusive because
one may wonder if regional labels are the best way to pose the question about scholarly traditions in the first place (see the interview with Andrew Schrank in this volume). In any case, we conceive the attempt to organize a heterogeneous field not as a definite topology, but as a way of channeling an ongoing conversation among scholars coming from different disciplines and traditions but with a shared historical background and an interest in economic phenomena. It is worth having such a conversation, especially when several subfields reach some degree of maturity, or at least seem to consolidate around more specific research agendas, questions, subjects, and approaches. We took our stand in the three volumes that we put together as editors. Starting from the question of whether there is a Latin American economic sociology proper, we have proceeded from the micro to the meso level, trying to answer the question of how Latin American economies and societies structure each other, how economic action, markets, and institutions are constructed, and how the social sciences make sense of them by developing new concepts and/or borrowing from and contributing to those developed in other latitudes – mainly in the Global North. In this issue, we come back to the macro level to reflect on the region’s capitalism, analyze indigenous developments that are not directly related to the mainstream US economic sociology like solidarity economies, and consider the potential and limits of the tools of economic sociology to make sense of Latin America’s reality.

Como citar: González, F., Madariaga, A. (2019) Economic sociology, political economy and Latin American capitalism. Quo vadis?. Economic Sociology: The European Electronic Newsletter. ISSN: 1871-3351