DT38. Measuring the Quality of Employment (QoE) in Central America. A multidimensional approach
Documento de Trabajo
Autores COES:
Otros Autores: Verónica Arriagada, Rocio Méndez, Mauricio Apablaza, Pablo González

Although the Quality of Employment (QoE) is a much-neglected issue in developing countries and especially in Latin America, there is an increasing awareness of its importance. This renewed interest has promoted efforts to create labour surveys and measures that could broaden the understanding of the employment changing profile in the Region. This new interest faces the challenge of creating a conceptually accurate, empirically plausible and policy-relevant measurement. To addresses these challenges, this article builds on the Alkire and Foster's (2011) method to propose a composite QoE Index. Then, using the QoE Index, we explore its outcomes across six Central American countries based on a labour survey dataset, the Encuesta Centroamericana sobre Condiciones de Trabajo y Salud (ECCTS).
This paper aims to reflect the complex and multidimensional nature of the quality of employment by addressing key dimensions identified in the literature and promoted by different stakeholders. The QoE Index results enable us to rank the selected countries according to their different performance; with Guatemala and Honduras presenting poor results in the overall measurement, El Salvador and Nicaragua in the middle range of achievement, and Panama and Costa Rica with the highest performance. The QoE Index presents several advantages as it delivers a measure which is simple to estimate and easy to understand. This Index is also decomposable in subgroups and according to each dimension and indicator contributions to the overall quality of employment results. At the same time, this work comprises a discussion of the limitations regarding data availability to extend this methodology to other countries. We also debate on the advantages of the index in comparison to other indicators.

Como citar: Arriagada, V., Méndez, R., Sehnbruch, K., Apablaza, M., González, P. (2018). Measuring the Quality of Employment (QoE) in Central America: A multidimensional approach. Serie Documentos de Trabajo COES, Documento de trabajo N°38, pp. 1-54.
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