Bullying and educational outcomes
Proyecto de tesis

Bullying is one of the most important social problems faced by students at the school. However, there is scant research in the economic literature about this subject, particularly for developing countries. This paper explores the effect of being a victim of different types of bullying (physical, verbal, social, cyber) on standardized test scores using a unique panel dataset from Chile. Moreover, we are able to see if bullying influences grade retention rates and college admission tests. Fixed effect estimates indicates that being bullied decreases student's standardized test score. For instance, being cyber bullied every day decreases math and reading scores in 0.13 and 0.08 S.D respectively. The more frequent bullying is, the more detrimental effects has on school performance. On top of this, we find that being bullied increases grade retention probability and decreases college admission test scores. Our results suggest that bullying must be an important matter in policy makers agenda in developing countries, since development is heavily influence by the cognitive skills acquire at school.

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