Democracy and Armed Forces of yesterday and today: between conflict and stability

Año: 2021
Estado: In Process


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This project aims to evaluate and compare the variations in support for democracy and trust in the Armed Forces in two historical periods: before to the institutional breakdown of 1973, and from 1990 onwards, with particular emphasis on the elaborated survey by COES in 2014. The data available for the period before to 1973 correspond to the surveys conducted by Eduardo Hamuy. The questions that guide this research are the following: how different is the volume of support for democracy before the coup and since 1990?, how much is the environment of political polarization on the support to the regime in both periods, what is the profile of the «democrats» and the «authoritarian» under fragile institutionality and institutional stability? How much confidence did the Chileans have in the armed forces before to the coup d’état?, who were and who are the ones who rely most on the Armed Forces according to socioeconomic, political and sociodemographic characteristics?