Call for poster COES LSE Conference «Inequalities»

Don´t miss the opportunity to present your project or research at the COES-LSE conference on Inequalities this November!

Apply with a poster following this requirements and take the chance to discuss and share your project with other researchers at the conference.

Your poster will be representing your project and you will be asked to be available during the poster session (not specified yet but between the 2-4 November) to answer questions, doubts and comments concerning your project.

Application only till 15th of September.

About COES-LSE Inequalities Conference

The Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies-COES and the International Inequalities Institute-LSE invite you to the Conference, INEQUALITIES, to be held between 2nd and 4th of November 2016 in Santiago, Chile, at the Facultad Economía y Negocios of Universidad de Chile.

The COES-LSE 2016 conference seeks to contribute to the understanding of social, political and cultural inequalities in democratic societies of the XXI century, with special focus on inequalities in Latin America.

Fore more information

deadline15 sept


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