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noviembre 16, 2016

Tourism Statistics: Correcting Data Inadequacy

Tourism Economics


Patricio Aroca


Tourism statistics are key sources of information for economic planners, tourism researchers, and operators. Still, several cases of data inadequacy and inaccuracy are reported in literature. The aim of this article is to propose a methodology useful to improve tourism statistics: a modified version of the Coarsened Exact Matching. The methodological steps herein proposed provide tourism statisticians and authorities with a tool to improve the reliability of available sample surveys. Data from a Chilean region are used to illustrate the method. This study contributes to the realm of tourism statistics literature in that it offers a new methodological approach to the creation of accurate and adequate tourism data.


accommodations, accretion bias, attrition bias, Chile, sample weights, tourism planning

How to cite

Aroca, P., S. Volo & G. Brida. Tourism Statistics: Correcting Data Inadequacy. Tourism Economics (fourthcoming).

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