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March 8, 2017

Talk about Gender Gap in Science and Engineering

On Monday, March 13 2017, from 9 to 11 am will take place the talk “Gender Inequality in Science and Engineering Education: Observations Based on Recent Research” in the Auditorium Price of FEN-Universidad de Chile (Diagonal Paraguay 205, Santiago). Thomas A. Di Prete, Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy at Columbia University, will give some insights.

The researchers Alejandra Mizala (CIAE-U.Chile), Valentina Paredes (COES-FEN/U.Chile) and Andrea Canales (ISUC) will discuss and comment the talk. Daniel Hojman (COES-FEN/U.Chile) will moderate the discussion.


This event is organized by the Columbia Global Centers, the Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies (COES), FEN-U.Chile and Comunidad Mujer.

Contact: Santiago.cgc@columbia.edu

About Thomas DiPrete

Social stratification, demography, education, economic sociology and quantitative methodology are the main subjects of Thomas DiPrete’s studies. His latest projects include not only a study about inequality of sexes in the educational yield and achievements, choice of career and university persistence in the United States; but also comperative studies about how the ties between education and labour market have an impact on the differences in salaries in certain industrial countries as well as how social differences affect the executive’s remuneration.

DiPrete worked at Max Planck institute for Human Development in Berlin, the Centre of Investigation in Social Science in Berlin, the German Institute of Economic Investigation and the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science of the University of Amsterdam.